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"My wife was totally freaked out hearing a little stampede in our basement ceiling.  I pulled down a ceiling tile and tons of mouse droppings came down.  The technician came in cleaned out the droppings, put out traps and also went around our property with me looking for entrance holes to fill.  I know I am in the 'woods', but I don't want to share my home with mice.  We now have a sercvice plan with FIRST WATCH and counldn't be happier.  NO MORE MICE! "
--Thomas P. (Yorktown, NY)

"I wish I could include a pic of what I killed in my basement.  It was so prehistoric looking that I had to Google it.  The bug was apparently called a Camel Cricket .  Thank god it only lives in my nightmares now, thanks to the guys at First Watch! I can do laundry in my basement w/ no fear now.  LOL!"

--Gabriella M. (Mahopac, NY)

"Our kitchen was infested with ants in the spring. I tried to get rid of them on my own, but that only held them off for a week or two.  First Watch came and I have yet to see them again.  I will follow up if needed, but for now it's mid-summer and I am still ant free! I highly recommend First Watch Pest Control."
--Jennifer C. (Scarsdale, NY)

"The service man was knowledgable and courteous and understood my concerns about using chemicals around my toddler.  We had him spray the exterior of the house for spiders and a tick treatment for around my playset.  They were on time and competitively priced.  I definitely feel comfortable using them again in the future to continue the treatments next spring/ summer.
--Amy H. (Hastings on Hudson, NY)

"We had 2 bees nests on our deck, which were home to what looked like a dozen or two dozen bees.  They sprayed, killed and removed the nests.  Yes, I probably could have done it myself, but First Watch came hightly recommended and came the same day as a courtesy, because we were having guest  that night and wanted to serve dinner outside."

--Jennifer C. (Briarcliff Manor, NY)

"We found droppings all over our luggage in our attic.  First watch came out and told me I had mice.  They helped clean out my attic, sanitize and set traps.  We had follow-ups for the first 3 months and have not had an issue since. They also showed us where the entry points were around the exterior of the house, so that we could make sure they were all sealed."
--Gabriella M. (New Rochelle, NY)

"Great company, we have a yearly service plan to help us with our ant problem! They are professional and always show up on time." 

--Shawn D. (Yonkers, NY)

"First Watch solved my water bug problem! Totally thankful! I am not scared to turn out the lights anymore.  Kidding.....not kidding! Highly recommended!"

--Patricia D. (Eastchester, NY) 

"No more mice, I am a customer for life! I recommend First Watch Pest Control to all my friends and family."

--Greg M. (Tarrytown, NY)

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